Meaning of 削减

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xuē jiǎn (Trad.: 削減)
to cut down; to reduce; to lower
Related Words
Synonym: 减少 裁减 缩减
Antonyms: 增加 增添
Example Sentences
If not, are we happy for the money to be diverted from other parts of public spending and, if so, what should be cut?
This can be done in a number of ways, but cutting the budget deficit in half by 2013 while the economy is operating far below capacity is not one of them.
So you must find a way to cut your costs and finish your project in due time.
When you cut the toys and clothes back ... the kids really like it.
Sure, you may have an ideal time when you want to travel, but what if you could cut your travel costs in half by traveling a couple of days earlier or later?