Meaning of 别树一帜

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bié shù zhì (Trad.: 別樹一幟)
lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own
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Antonyms: 千篇一律
Example Sentences
We make a difference by helping our people, our clients and our wider communities achieve potential.
Compared with the other poets. The poetess Li Qingzhao was the most outstanding at the end of the Bei Song Dynasty.
Shanhaiguan full attention to the layout of the ancient city of her military defense capabilities, the unique situation in the seven-city chain a unique identity.
At Zhejiang School and Wu faction outside a unique, blazing a "humble not Qiao Nanjing, Nanjing ugly not-mei, " The Art of the road.
Curved out delicately in the shape of a giant human foot, I feel this is a very distinctive item of modern day furniture.