Meaning of 减弱

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jiǎn ruò (Trad.: 減弱)
to weaken; to fall off
Related Words
Synonym: 削弱
Antonyms: 增强 加强 壮大
Example Sentences
That is, there are many energy signals, and maybe you can affect one of them, but then others seem to take up the slack.
But both teams have since announced that the signals have weakened, although they have not ruled out its existence within that range.
Inside the airplane, an inflated vest can reduce your mobility and block other people.
Given that it takes time to deliver a well-crafted, memorable point, the more points you cram in, the less time you have to make each one. Therefore the less memorable each point will be.
So, this therapy works by strengthening the association between bed and sleep and weakening the association between bed and everything else (apart from sex!).