Meaning of 冥顽

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míng wán (Trad.: 冥頑)
stupid; stubborn
Example Sentences
Some old-style hoof-it English managers claim that import restrictions would somehow help the coaching of young British talent.
Today, he is still teaching thousands of children daily in mass events at schools and stadiums. Many know he is a largely unrepentant wife-beater.
Their letters will, however, be accompanied by a stern written warning from the BPI, which will threaten both disconnection and a court appearance for those who continue to download illegally.
For example, if ten people read your manuscript and most of them have the same criticism, then it would be best to stop being stubborn and take them up on their advice.
Leaving aside the moral difficulties with what Musa is doing - performing as the mouthpiece of an unreconstructible tyrant, and everything - he' s acquitting himself pretty well.