Meaning of 内讧

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nèi hòng (Trad.: 內訌)
internal strife
Related Words
Synonym: 内耗 内乱 内哄
Example Sentences
And if that target is not reached, the consortium unravels, or there is infighting over mega-programmes?
The infighting is some of the most serious since Hamas routed Fatah forces in the Gaza civil war a year ago.
And had his successors been united they would have enjoyed it at their leisure, for in that kingdom no disorders arose other than those they stirred up themselves.
In an industry in which companies rarely criticize each other publicly, the Gulf disaster has touched off some unusual infighting.
The film certainly has all the ingredients for a classic tale of intrigue, hubris and family infighting: the Gucci name has often been synonymous with fiery behaviour alongside enormous wealth.