Meaning of 光怪陆离

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guāng guài (Trad.: 光怪陸離)
monstrous and multicolored; grotesque and variegated
Related Words
Synonym: 千奇百怪
Example Sentences
There was a kid from Somalia who was just thrown into this illusory universe, where the kids only know MTV and the mall, and the teacher is teaching them to be more arrogant about themselves.
Dynamic space driven perspective to guide the public around the things people are taken to a fourth by the time a combination of space, light and shadow such as bizarre, vivid background music.
It describes a bizarre and untouchable world that can evolve by its own logic, different from the one in our life.
They're all happily following the on-stage action, apparently oblivious to the bizarre optical illusion taking place before their very eyes.
Is the phantasmagoria of sound and noise and color really passing or is it all an illusion here in my brain?