Meaning of 倚赖

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lài (Trad.: 倚賴)
to rely on; to be dependent on
Related Words
Synonym: 依附 依赖 依靠
Antonyms: 独立
Example Sentences
That is why diaspora networks are so powerful, and why some of the world's most influential people rely on them so heavily.
Rather the great works provide us so to speak with a repository of fundamental or permanent questions that political scientists still continue to rely on in their work.
"To go backwards, and scrap these plans, means handing the competitive edge to China and other nations," he said. "It means that we will grow even more dependent on foreign oil.
If you generally rely on stimulants to stay awake or be more alert, try to change a few daily activities and get a natural boost.
They have not really built up the critical mass of talent or managers that they could really rely on overseas.