Meaning of 优良

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yōu liáng (Trad.: 優良)
fine; good; first-rate
Related Words
Synonym: 精良 良好 优秀
Antonyms: 低劣 拙劣 恶劣
Example Sentences
So as you can see, as we escalate the problem difficulty, the difference between the good method and the not quite as good method gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
The Web offers all sorts of excellent material about how to do research.
But even with enough space and good equipment, a school is not ensured to be a good one unless there are experienced headmasters and qualified teachers.
Punctuality is an important constituent of good character.
Sow good seeds, treat your neighbor as you would have them treat you, and you will surely bring in a wonderful harvest, a harvest fit for a king.