Meaning of 任用

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rèn yòng
to appoint; to assign
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Antonyms: 免职 罢免
Example Sentences
The Secretariat of WHO is staffed by some 8000 health and other experts and support staff on fixed-term appointments, working at headquarters, in the six regional offices, and in countries.
"I never said that," he insisted, assuring us he would hire gays and lesbians who both were qualified and shared his political views.
Senior executives and managers generally want people who pay attention to and understand the broader view.
The opportunity to meet with and learn from judges who have experienced different educational systems, appointment processes, and practical challenges is invaluable.
Going forward they will appoint more people with serious market experience. I don't mean that they will no longer appoint academic central bankers, but I think there will be fewer of those.