Meaning of 以讹传讹

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é chuán é (Trad.: 以訛傳訛)
to spread falsehoods; to increasingly distort the truth; to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)
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Example Sentences
Let me, as a witness, tell them what happened so that they will not be wrongly informed.
Every time I read the story, are different forces, although the story is a metaphor untrue rumors or things incorrectly relay an erroneous message, people will believe;
However, because of the development of Taoism and its successors'incorrectly relaying erroneous messages, we can hardly perceive the true nature of Laotus idea.
For, though your accusations were ill-founded, formed on mistaken premises, my behaviour to you at the time had merited the severest reproof.
Falsehoods are easily and rapidly propagated on the Internet: once you land on a site that asserts a false rumor as truth, hyperlinks direct you to further sites that reinforce the falsehood.