Meaning of 交锋

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jiāo fēng (Trad.: 交鋒)
to cross swords; to have a confrontation (with sb)
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Example Sentences
After the bill was sent to me, I had an extraordinary encounter with the young NRA lobbyist who came down from Washington to push the bill.
The book had its beginnings in what seemed to be a psychotic breakdown for Jung, starting in 1913. Jung himself referred to the period as a confrontation with his own unconscious.
The Safety Box scheme, which is funded by local authorities and police, teaches primary pupils defensive tactics to minimise the risk of injury in the event of confrontation.
He argues, however, that people who excel at confrontation have mastered the art of being honest and respectful at the same time.
We were playing against one of the top sides in Europe and we were more than a match for them.