Meaning of 五花八门

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huā mén (Trad.: 五花八門)
myriad; all kinds of; all sorts of
Related Words
Synonym: 多种多样
Antonyms: 千篇一律
Example Sentences
In my 40-year career so far, I've had lots of different jobs that have taught me a wide variety of skills, so I've put all of them on my resume.
When I've posed this question to workshop participants, they've been amazed at how large and varied a list they create.
Today there is such a large variety of food to choose from that aThanksgiving Dinner can feature almost any main course.
The problem is that they' re so cool that it's easy to talk yourself into buying each and every one of them and before you know it, you' ve replaced one form of clutter with another.
Given the variable inner quality and professionalization of different person, the answers would be multifarious.