Meaning of 乌纱帽

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shā mào (Trad.: 烏紗帽)
black hat (worn by feudal official); fig. official post
Example Sentences
If you do not think about the interests of the people, how could you be worthy of your peaked cap?
If the gender ratio in a region in the province is too high, its leaders will be sacked.
Coastal Taizhou is a hub of chemical production, and the big plant would be a feather in the cap of local officials.
Because Lan Qinghua during his time as County Master did not use that talent, remained utterly ignorant of poetry, for that reason he was stripped of his black County Master hat.
In Congo it was commonly said that President Kabila had bet his presidency on relations with China; for an official to say anything critical could be career-ending, or worse.