Meaning of 丑恶

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chǒu è (Trad.: 醜惡)
ugly; repulsive
Related Words
Synonym: 丑陋
Example Sentences
Hostile takeovers at business are business equivalent of nuclear wars but without the dignity, pretty ugly affairs.
Some praise addictions (my own comes to mind) raise their ugly heads by making the addict want to jump off a bridge rather than accept a compliment.
In some cultures, these values are being equated with the ugly face of modernity and are seen to encroach upon cherished identities.
If I had more respect to my life than the peace of the kingdom, I should've made a defence for myself that might leastwise have delayed the ugly sentence which I believe you will pass on me.
I love this cover because it breaks the rules, reversing the usual order of things to overlay ugly inner reality on the fantasy of outer beauty.