Meaning of 三个代表

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sān dài biǎo (Trad.: 三個代表)
the Three Represents enunciated by Jiang Zemin 江泽民 as the duty of the Chinese Communist party in 2001, namely: to represent productivity of an advanced society, forward progress of advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the people
Example Sentences
All in all, the important thought of Three Represents is always in a process of development and progress.
An important theory is "Three Represents," which explains what the CPC currently stands for.
Good results have been produced in the intensive education in the need to stress study, political awareness and integrity and in the study of the "Three Represents".
In the interest of time, today only three delegations made speeches on substantive issues.
Study and implement the important thought of Three Represents intensively and raise all Party members' level of the Marxist theory.