Meaning of 龙眼

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lóng yǎn (Trad.: 龍眼)
longan fruit; dragon eye fruit; Dimocarpus longan (botany); Classifiers:
Example Sentences
The fresh fruits are white and juicy where as the dried longans are dark brown or black. Vietnamese make desserts with this fruit. These fruits are very effective in relaxing body.
Along with the art collection warms up quickly, longan wood market is more and more valued.
In addition, Wanqingsha also abounds in fruits of papaya, mango, litchi, longan and other Lingnan good fruit.
Insects, flowers, fruit and cattle, horse, bear, lion, tiger and goldfish, crane is also commonly used themes of longan wood carving.
This Dragon Eye contact lens is a full sclera covering contact lens that has a neon green and dark green outside that looks like the scales of a dragon or a lizard.