Meaning of 默

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English Definition: silent; to write from memory
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 16; Radical:
Pictographic: A dog watching in the dark
Character Formation:
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 默
Example Words
默默 in silence; not speaking
沉默 chén taciturn; uncommunicative; silent
幽默 yōu (loanword) humor; humorous
默然 rán silent; speechless
默契 tacit understanding; mutual understanding; rapport; connected at a deep level with each other; (of team members) well coordinated; tight
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Example Sentences
Once back at my Nan' s, everyone was silent, no one wanted to do anything. Dad read a book quietly, Nan sat and sobbed to her, mum went to fetch some chips from the chippy, and I listened to my music.
They now walked on in silence; each of them deep in thought.
When Merton recalls his early life, however, class is the defining theme of his experience.
Mom silent does not answer, pretty soon, they came to the monster's palace, the two young people the tribute on the door, it Yiliu Yan's away.
He made no answer but smiled and look- ed surprised as though I had said, "you will say they are Persian attire; but let them be changed.