Meaning of 香港

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Hong Kong

Example Sentences

  • 一次所有女士他们人们家人香港个人以及这个圈子所有道歉
    I would like to also apologize once again to all the ladies and their families, my family and to everyone in Hong Kong and everyone in our society.
  • 是的2003香港那里度过一个短暂假期
    Yes, I visited Hong Kong in 2003. I went there for a short holiday.
  • 而且即便担心事情那样这样命运不会香港结局
    But even if they were realised, such a fate might not be the end of Hong Kong.
  • 可以电汇一些钱到香港
    Can I wire some money to Hongkong from here?
  • 他们假期香港游览
    They cruised to Hong Kong on their vacation.