Meaning of 雪

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Total strokes: 11; Radical: ; Structure: 雨 + 彐
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 雪

Pinyin: xuě
English Definition: snow; snowfall; Classifiers: ; to have the appearance of snow; to wipe away, off or out; to clean
Chinese Definition:

Example Words:
雪上加霜 [ xuě shàng jiā shuāng ]: to add hail to snow (idiom); one disaster on top of another; to make things worse in a bad situation
雪白 [ xuě bái ]: snow white
雪花 [ xuě huā ]: snowflake
冰雪 [ bīng xuě ]: ice and snow
积雪 [ xuě ]: snow; snow cover; snow mantle
Example Sentences