Meaning of 送

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Pinyin: sòng
English Definition: to deliver; to carry; to give (as a present); to present (with); to see off; to send
Total strokes: 10; Radical:
Ideographic: A person waving to someone walking away
Character Formation:
  • Surround from lower left
    • [ chuò ] to walk; walking
    • [ guān ] frontier pass; to close, to shut; relation
Example Words:
赠送 [ zèng sòng ]: to present as a gift
送中 [ sòng zhōng ]: to extradite to mainland China
送给 [ sòng gěi ]: to send; to give as a present
输送 [ shū sòng ]: to transport; to convey; to deliver
送去 [ sòng ]: to send to; to deliver to; to give sb a lift (e.g. in a car)
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