Meaning of 辽河

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liáo (Trad.: 遼河)
Liao River of northeast China, passing through Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Jilin and Liaoning
Example Sentences
But why Long stems from the Liaohe, it has a clear line of succession of the relationship between cultural heritage.
In the end, the model is applied to study the thermal history of Liaohe basin in the Cenozoic .
Work was energetically carried forward to improve the water environment of Taihu Lake and prevent and control water pollution in the Liao, Huai and Songhua rivers and other key water basins.
A number of demonstration projects will be carried out at major rivers across China, such as Haihe, Huaihe, Liaohe and Songhuajiang, as well as Lake Tai and the Three Gorges.
Thus the conclusion that junk traffic increased in China during the decades prior to World War II submerges the reality of a regional decline in junk activity along the Liao River.