Meaning of 辽河

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liáo (Trad.: 遼河)
Liao River of northeast China, passing through Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Jilin and Liaoning
Example Sentences
This variation not only results in the cyclicity of basin evolution, but also the formation of multiple oil-bearing sequence of Meso -Cenozoic in Liaohe Basin and adjacent its areas.
There is a good prospect in the research of the origin of Liaohe River Civilization around the study of the economic formation, inhabiting.
But why Long stems from the Liaohe, it has a clear line of succession of the relationship between cultural heritage.
In the end, the model is applied to study the thermal history of Liaohe basin in the Cenozoic .
At present, most middle deep heavy oil reservoirs in Liaohe oil field are at middle or late stage of cycles team stimulation(CSS), facing the challenge of the converting development methods.