Meaning of 让步

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(Trad.: 讓步)
to concede; to give in; to yield; a concession

Example Sentences

  • 说服这个问题作出让步
    I talked him into making concessions on the question.
  • 我们这个问题不能过于让步
    We can not make heavy concession to the matter.
  • 我们一个政府体系其中个人做出一些让步
    WE HAVE a system of government in which everybody has to give a little bit.
  • 为了会谈有所进展我们双方做出一些让步
    To help the talks along, both of us should make some concessions.
  • 这种双边让步一个相等交易
    Are the concessions by both sides an even trade?