Meaning of 虚伪

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(Trad.: 虛偽)
false; hypocritical; artificial; sham

Related Words

Synonym: 作假 虚假 伪善

Antonyms: 真诚 真挚 真实 老实

Example Sentences

  • 我们处理这个问题时候需要一点虚伪
    "We need less hypocrisy in tackling the problem," he said.
  • 一个世界你们虚伪
    Enough is Enough, Enough Hypocrisy for This One World.
  • 判断经常错误丈夫不是虚伪
    Her judgment was frequently faulty, but her love for her husband was not false.
  • 孩子当成朋友避免一些虚伪客套
    Kids think of me as his friend, to avoid some of the hypocrisy and polite.
  • 至于本人迄今为止虚伪光线显示自身已经变成一个阴影或者确切不复存在
    And he himself, in so far as he shows himself in a false light, becomes a shadow, or, indeed, ceases to exist.