Meaning of 脾气

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(Trad.: 脾氣)
character; temperament; disposition; bad temper; Classifiers:

Related Words

Synonym: 性情 性格 个性 性子

Example Sentences

  • 只不过今年脾气以往引起人们关注
    This year, however, her temperament seems more noticeable than before.
  • 脾气
    He is good-tempered and he gets along with everyone.
  • 脾气使朋友
    His bad temper chased his friends away.
  • 对于各人处境不同脾气不同体谅不够
    You do not make allowance enough for difference of situation and temper.
  • 厌烦脾气逃避泳池那里同学一起沉浸欢乐气氛
    But I was annoyed by her bad temper, and I wanted be somewhere else, at the pool, away with my classmates, swept up in the exuberance.