Meaning of 胡同

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lane; alley; Classifiers:

Example Sentences

  • 大笑他们胡同回到酒吧街上
    Laughing, both of them ran out of the alley and back to Bar Street.
  • 曾经一个春天午饭时间走进胡同
    I've gone walking in a hutong during lunch hour in spring.
  • 那个遥远年代三代一个小小房子一起生活院子胡同
    When two or three generations were packed into a single house, family life spilled out into the courtyards and narrow alleyways.
  • 三年一个胡同泡泡已经出现北京一个院子
    Three years later, the first hutong bubble has appeared in a small courtyard in Beijing.
  • 没有北京贫穷文化活力胡同之一
    Have I shown you my home in one of Beijing’s poorest, most culturally vibrant hutongs?