Meaning of 置

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Pinyin: zhì
English Definition: to install; to place; to put; to buy
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 13; Radical:
Pictophonetic: indicates the sound; (net) conveys the meaning.
Character Formation:
  • Above to below
    • [ wǎng ] net, network
    • [ zhí ] straight, vertical; candid, direct, frank
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 置
Example Words
安置 ān zhì to find a place for; to help settle down; to arrange for; to get into bed; placement
设置 shè zhì to set up; to install
配置 pèi zhì to deploy; to allocate; configuration; allocation
处置 chǔ zhì to handle; to take care of; to punish
装置 zhuāng zhì to install; installation; equipment; system; unit; device
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Example Sentences
I think when you release something and you put your reputation behind it, you actually finish the work.
The sink has a built-in water purifier.
I guess most of the crew forgot about that jet that had us in its sights.
His books are all over the place.
Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive could not be reached for comment Thursday.