Meaning of 繁

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Pinyin: fán
English Definition: complicated; many; in great numbers; abbr. for 繁体 , traditional form of Chinese characters
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 17; Radical:
Pictophonetic: indicates the sound; (silk) conveys the meaning.
Character Formation:
  • Above to below
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 繁
Example Words
繁荣 fán róng prosperous; booming (economy)
频繁 pín fán frequently; often
繁殖 fán zhí to breed; to reproduce; to propagate
繁重 fán zhòng heavy; burdensome; heavy-duty; arduous; onerous
繁华 fán huá flourishing; bustling
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Example Sentences
Porch adjust measures to local conditions, but can small; Because the person makes appropriate, but Jian Kefan, but absolutely cannot dispensable, ought to ask according to it, serious processing.
Simplicity is the key to success. Always keep what we do simple. When complicated repeat, eliminate to make it simple thus incomprehensible becomes understandable.
So they went into Death's great greenhouse, where flowers and trees grew strangely into one another.
April showers bring forth May flowers.
Yes, inequity has been with us forever, but the new tools we have to cut through complexity have not been with us forever.