Meaning of 稚

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Pinyin: zhì
English Definition: infantile; young
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 13; Radical:
Pictophonetic: indicates the sound; (grain) conveys the meaning.
Character Formation:
  • Left to right
    • [ ] cereal, grain, rice; plant, stalk
    • [ zhuī ] short-tailed bird; sparrow
Similar Characters:
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 稚
Example Words
幼稚 yòu zhì young; childish; puerile
稚嫩 zhì nèn young and tender; puerile; soft and immature
稚气 zhì childish nature; infantile; juvenile; puerile
童稚 tóng zhì child; childish
稚拙 zhì zhuō young and clumsy; childish and awkward
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Example Sentences
Are you really that childish?
This young man has a childish look.
My little brother is very enthusiastic about going to kindergarten.