Meaning of 秋

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(Trad.: 鞦)
Pinyin: qiū
English Definition: autumn; fall; harvest time; see 秋千
Total strokes: 9; Radical:
Ideographic: The time of year when farmers would burn crops
Character Formation:
  • Left to right
    • [ ] cereal, grain, rice; plant, stalk
    • [ huǒ ] fire, flame; to burn; anger, rage
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 秋
Example Words
秋天 qiū tiān autumn; Classifiers:
春秋 chūn qiū Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC); Spring and Autumn Annals, chronicle of Lu State (722-481 BC)
春秋 chūn qiū spring and autumn; four seasons; year; a person's age; annals (used in book titles)
秋季 qiū autumn; fall
中秋 zhōng qiū the Mid-autumn festival, the traditional moon-viewing festival on the 15th of the 8th lunar month
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Example Sentences
The leaves turn yellow in autumn.
The temperature gradually decreases in autumn.
Autumn is the season of harvest.
The scenery in autumn is very beautiful.
Autumn is coming, the weather is getting cooler.