Meaning of 真诚

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(Trad.: 真誠)
true; sincere; genuine

Related Words

Synonym: 诚实 诚信 诚恳

Antonyms: 虚伪 虚假

Example Sentences

  • 房间真诚个人
    I was the only insincere one in the room.
  • 真诚打动
    His sincerity impressed her.
  • 真诚打动
    He impressed her with his sincerity.
  • 希望我们个人一些宽容一些真诚一些!
    I wish we can show more generosity, sincerity and love to each other.
  • 那些喜欢博客决定感到难过真诚你们道歉然而必须这样因为为了自己梦想
    I do feel bad for those of you who have enjoyed this blog and Isincerely apologize, but I need to do this for me and my dreams.