Meaning of 瓜

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Pinyin: guā
English Definition: melon; gourd; squash
Total strokes: 5; Radical:
Pictographic: Vines growing with a melon at their base
Character Formation:
  • Surround from above
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 瓜
Example Words:
西瓜 [ guā ]: watermelon; Classifiers:
吃瓜群众 [ chī guā qún zhòng ]: peanut gallery (esp. in online forums); onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don't have anything knowledgeable to say about it; (neologism c. 2016)
瓜分 [ guā fēn ]: to partition; to divide up
黄瓜 [ huáng guā ]: cucumber; Classifiers:
佛手瓜 [ shǒu guā ]: chayote or alligator pear (Sechium edule)
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