Meaning of 琵琶

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pipa, Chinese lute, with 4 strings, a large pear-shaped body and a fretted fingerboard
Example Sentences
She has two younger siblings, Pippa and James, who also work for the family business.
But when they didn't open the gate he sat down, took his lute and played enchanting music on it with his two forefeet.
At this the gatekeeper opened his eyes very wide, and ran to the king and said: "There's a young donkey sitting outside the gate, playing the lute like a past master."
Thestubby, deep-sea species belongs to an anglerfish group in which themales attach themselves to the much larger females like parasites.
But while it looks like he has sprouted legs, this angler fish's limbs are just the fins he uses to balance himself on the sea bed.