Meaning of 特色

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characteristic; distinguishing feature or quality

Example Sentences

  • 日夜服务商店特色
    Round-the-clock service features this store.
  • 如果一样超级喜欢文本那么这个应用程序非常实用还有其它一些特色一定喜欢
    This is an excellent app if you are a plain-text file nerd like me and has some great features that will keep you interested in using it.
  • 一些实验特色时不时中断
    Some of the Labs features will occasionally break.
  • 所有这些手段形成现代生活特色之一
    All these means have become one of the features of modern life.
  • 创始人来说显然困难结果所以建议谈判去掉分红特色条款
    This would obviously be a tough outcome for founders, so I suggest you negotiate away the participation feature.