Meaning of 牓

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(Simplified: 榜)
Pinyin: bǎng
English Definition: variant of
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 14; Radical: ; Structure: 片 + 旁
Similar Characters:
Example Words
榜樣 bǎng yàng example; model; Classifiers:
榜首 bǎng shǒu top of the list
排行榜 pái háng bǎng the charts (of best-sellers); table of ranking
標榜 biāo bǎng to flaunt; to advertise; to parade; boost; excessive praise
落榜 luò bǎng to fail the imperial exams; to flunk
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Example Sentences
This company is ranked at the top of its industry in the rankings.
This ranking displays the world's leading universities.
The leader should lead by example and set a good precedent with their actions and words.
Grandfather's wisdom and humility have set an example for me.
Your song has risen to the second position on our chart.