Meaning of 片

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Total strokes: 4; Radical:
Pictographic: Half of a tree trunk; compare
Character Formation:
  • Surround from upper left
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    Stroke order image for Chinese character 片
    • Pinyin: piàn

      English Definition: thin piece; flake; a slice; film; TV play; to slice; to carve thin; partial; incomplete; one-sided; classifier for slices, tablets, tract of land, area of water; classifier for CDs, movies, DVDs etc; used with numeral : classifier for scenario, scene, feeling, atmosphere, sound etc
      Chinese Definition:

      Example Words:
      垫片 [ diàn piàn ]: spacer; shim
      安宁片 [ ān níng piàn ]: meprobamate
      恐怖片 [ kǒng piàn ]: horror movie; Classifiers:
      搭接片 [ jiē piàn ]: buckle; connector; overlapping joint
      灾难片 [ zāi nàn piàn ]: disaster movie
    • Pinyin: piān

      English Definition: disk; sheet
      Chinese Definition:
      Example Words:
      片子 [ piān zi ]: film; movie; film reel; phonograph record; X-ray image
      恐怖片儿 [ kǒng piān r ]: erhua variant of 恐怖片
      止疼片 [ zhǐ téng piān ]: painkiller; analgesic
      波带片 [ dài piān ]: zone plate
      片儿 [ piān r ]: sheet; thin film
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