Meaning of 爆

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Pinyin: bào
English Definition: to explode or burst; to quick fry or quick boil
Chinese Definition:

Total strokes: 19; Radical:
Ideographic: A violent flame ; also provides the pronunciation
Character Formation:
  • Left to right
    • [ huǒ ] fire, flame; to burn; anger, rage
    • [ bào ] violent, brutal, tyrannical
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 爆
Example Words
爆炸 bào zhà explosion; to explode; to blow up; to detonate
爆发 bào to break out; to erupt; to explode; to burst out
爆竹 bào zhú firecracker
火爆 huǒ bào fiery (temper); popular; flourishing; prosperous; lively
爆破 bào to blow up; to demolish (using explosives); dynamite; blast
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