Meaning of 洲

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Pinyin: zhōu
English Definition: continent; island in a river
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 9; Radical:
Ideographic: A state surrounded by water ; also provides the pronunciation
Character Formation:
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Example Words
欧洲 ōu zhōu Europe; abbr. for 欧罗巴洲
亚洲 zhōu Asia; abbr. for 亚细亚洲
非洲 fēi zhōu Africa; abbr. for 阿非利加洲
美洲 měi zhōu America (including North, Central and South America); the Americas; abbr. for 亚美利加洲
三角洲 sān jiǎo zhōu delta (geography)
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Example Sentences
Our top words, phrases and names this year come from five continents, confirmation of the ever expanding influence of the English language.
It is the world's smallest continent and largest island, and a relatively young nation established in an ancient land.
The list covers five continents around the world.
Calls are rising for Congress to pass yet another extension this fall, possibly adding 13 more weeks of coverage in states with especially high unemployment.
The more we work on these criminal networks, the more we see that they' re interconnected across continents.