Meaning of 泰

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Pinyin: tài
English Definition: safe; peaceful; most; grand; Mt Tai 泰山 in Shandong; abbr. for Thailand
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 9; Radical:
Ideographic: Water contained by a dam
Character Formation:
Similar Characters:
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Example Words
泰国 tài guó Thailand; Thai
泰山 tài shān Mt Tai in Shandong, eastern mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains 五岳
泰山 tài shān Tarzan (fictional character reared by apes in the jungle); Taishan township in New Taipei City 新北市 , Taiwan
泰斗 tài dǒu (abbr. for 泰山北斗 ) distinguished figure; doyen; revered authority
国泰民安 guó tài mín ān the country prospers, the people at peace (idiom); peace and prosperity
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Example Sentences
He would entertain there the factor of Taiohae, captains of wandering traders, and all the best of the South Pacific riffraff.
The article evaluates water for drinking and cooking and water for agriculture in Tailai county.
Major physical characters such as egg shape index, shell thickness, the proportion of each component of egg to total egg and density are analyzed for the breed eggs of Taihe silkies in this paper.
One woman was killed in the border town of Mae Sai and slight damage has been reported to some buildings but major towns and cities appear to have escaped relatively unscathed, our correspondent says.
In the zoo, Ron puched the dolphin in the face because it was holding a ball high.