Meaning of 枪炮

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qiāng pào (Trad.: 槍砲)
Example Sentences
He also needed time to organize a supply system to get to his forces the guns, bullets, food, and clothing they would need. Without supplies, his army could not fight very long.
Via satellite dishes and the Internet, the West meant something to them other than guns and territory: culture was a potential bond, they suggested, through which some dialogue might yet arise.
It is not a 'guns-for-peace' program, but a way for former fighters to lead peaceful and productive lives for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of their communities.
Now that the Pentagon faces painful, deficit-induced budget cuts, it's amazing that it isn' t trying to squeeze more cash for itself by the simple act of competition for its guns, planes and ships.
Against all odds, people find it in themselves to rise up, stare down the guns and grasp freedom from their oppressors. It happened in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Yemen.