Meaning of 新罗

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xīn luó (Trad.: 新羅)
Silla, Korean kingdom 57 BC-935 AD; one of the Korean Three Kingdoms from 1st century AD, defeating its rivals Paikche 百济 around 660 in alliance with Tang China; unified Silla 658-935
Example Sentences
The couple held a lavish wedding ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, including 500 guests.
Zhang Ziyi joins costar So Jisub at the press conference for their latest romantic comedy, Sophie' s Revenge held at Shilla Hotel on Thursday (August 13) in Seoul, South Korea.
The ending summarizes the distinguishing features of the fusion of Zen and Pure Land thought, the influence of Pure Land thought upon contemporary Chinese Buddhism, and Xinluo Buddhism as well.
Hi, my name is Shay, and I'm from New Rochelle.
Generally speaking, the late Tang Dynasty and Silla in the seventh century without a large-scale war and conflict, in its political communication is for the theme of peace and friendship.