Meaning of 揭开

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jiē kāi (Trad.: 揭開)
to uncover; to open
Related Words
Synonym: 显露 显现
Antonyms: 隐蔽 覆盖
Example Sentences
At first Snowball seemed disoriented when she looked around, but she didn' t try to uncover the chick. Instead, she flew up to her nor-mal perch and stayed there.
The third path now, almost invisible at first, has more and more unveiled over the last years. That path is the one I need to walk on.
Fisher, a biological anthropologist, says she wrote her latest book because she wanted to uncover the science behind "why you love who you love and perhaps even help people find the one".
But they project that before the next full moon, they will need the help of middle-schoolers across the country to understand an impending environmental disaster, secrets that they alone can uncover.
The only real satisfying path is the one you uncover in yourself.