Meaning of 抱

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Total strokes: 8; Radical: ; Structure: 扌 + 包
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 抱

Pinyin: bào
English Definition: to hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug; to embrace; to surround; to cherish
Example Words:
抱怨 [ bào yuàn ]: to complain; to grumble; to harbor a complaint; to feel dissatisfied
抱负 [ bào ]: aspiration; ambition
拥抱 [ yōng bào ]: to embrace; to hug
抱歉 [ bào qiàn ]: to be sorry; to feel apologetic; sorry!
怀抱 [ huái bào ]: to hug; to cherish; within the bosom (of the family); to embrace (also fig. an ideal, aspiration etc)