Meaning of 护理

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(Trad.: 護理)
to nurse; to tend and protect

Related Words

Synonym: 照顾 看护

Example Sentences

  • 护理每个男性病人提到
    This came from every male patient that I nursed.
  • 叫做直接护理也就是说应当决定
    He says this is direct care, that I should make the decisions.
  • 我们你们铺平道路使得你们得到这些照顾确保你们得到你们护理
    We paved the way for you guys to get this care. Make sure you get your care.
  • 妈妈护理恢复健康
    Mother nursed me back to health.
  • 一些学生担心其他想法如果他们寻求心理健康护理
    Some students worry what other people will think if they seek mental health care.