Meaning of 态度

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(Trad.: 態度)
manner; bearing; attitude; approach; Classifiers:

Example Sentences

  • 有关态度问题
    It is something about his attitude.
  • 不管我们个人态度如何我们明白现在什么作用什么作用
    Whatever our personal attitudes to sex, we have to look at what works – and what is not working now.
  • 也许正确可以自己态度什么
    And you may be right. But what can you do with your own attitude?
  • 事情态度一致
    Her attitude towards this matter coincides with mine.
  • 如果开始正确问题自己做出回答那么态度发生变化
    If you start asking yourself the correct questions, and answering them, then a transformation in your attitude occurs.