Meaning of 心情

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mood; frame of mind; Classifiers:

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Synonym: 心绪 心思 心境

Example Sentences

  • 这样心情很多情况离开留下丈夫这位客人一起
    In this mood she left her husband and her guest, for the most part, alone together.
  • 可以你们三个心情时候大家一起坐下直接这个话题拿出讨论
    Sit down with your son when all three of you are in a good mood and address the issue directly.
  • 通常拒绝看上去过热但是旅馆旁边没有心情骑车别的地方于是旅馆
    Usually I turn down anyone who seems too eager, but his place was right there and I was in no mood to start cycling round looking for anywhere else.
  • 使心情不好
    The incident put her in a bad mood.
  • 所以你们心情精神
    So I bring you this message: Be of good heart: be of good spirit.