Meaning of 崽

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Pinyin: zǎi
English Definition: child; young animal
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 12; Radical:
Character Formation:
  • Above to below
    • [ shān ] mountain, hill, peak
    • [ ] to think, to ponder, to consider; final particle
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 崽
Example Words
兔崽子 zǎi zi brat; bastard
狗崽子 gǒu zǎi zi (coll.) puppy; (derog.) son of a bitch
狼崽 láng zǎi wolf cub
下崽 xià zǎi (of animals) to give birth; to foal, to whelp etc
幼崽 yòu zǎi young (of an animal)
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Example Sentences
What was really unusual was the cubs seemed to believe the stuffed animal was their mother and would not leave her side.
The sisters, born in Colorado Springs in the United States in 1977, were tiny cubs when they moved to Australia. They have been in Sydney since 1985.
Nakoolak told them he shot the adult bear when it came too close, and then got as far away as possible on the ice from the cubs, which remained with the body.
The cubs immediately bonded with the furry toy and have been inseparable from their new 'mum', even refusing to go to sleep at night without it in their basket.
I looked at her carefully manicured nails and stylish suit and think that no matter how sophisticated she is , becoming a mother will reduce her to the primitive level of a bear protecting her cub.