Meaning of 寻找

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(Trad.: 尋找)
to seek; to look for

Related Words

Synonym: 寻觅 找寻

Antonyms: 遗弃 丢失 抛弃

Example Sentences

  • 寻找什么
    "What should I look for"?
  • 不仅这个发生而且寻找轻微错误然后作为他人告诉怎么样证据
    Not only this will happen but you will also look for his slightest mistakes then use them as proofs for what you have been told about him!!
  • 由于时间注意力有限我们必须我们寻找关注东西特别小心
    With limited time and attention, we have to be careful what we look for and what we pay attention to.
  • 敌人一定寻找机会表现他们自己
    The enemy will invariably seek opportunities to assert himself.
  • 如果这些信息就是正在寻找那么它们根本需要编辑器打开
    If this information is all you are seeking, there may be no need to open an editor at all.