Meaning of 对象

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(Trad.: 對象)
target; object; partner; boyfriend; girlfriend; Classifiers:

Related Words

Synonym: 工具 器材 东西 目标 方向 宗旨

Example Sentences

  • 注意所有这些知识不在租借地点这个对象
    Notice that all of this knowledge is not in the RentalLocation object.
  • 对于每个0对象来说我们一个
    And for each object in 0, we have a value.
  • 找到一个这样对象然后针对一些工作令人满意
    It would be really satisfying to find an object and then do something about it.
  • 一个想到可能这个方法作为实例方法添加自己但是这个方法可能不在任何一个对象真正操作
    Your first thought might be to add the method to one of your own classes as an instance method, but the method may not really operate on any of your own objects.
  • 所有对象一样它们
    Like all objects, they have classes.