Meaning of 实在

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(Trad.: 實在)
really; actually; indeed; true; real; honest; dependable; (philosophy) reality

Related Words

Synonym: 确实 真实 切实

Antonyms: 空洞 虚构

Example Sentences

  • 实在什么不了
    I really cannot give you anything...
  • 如果实在工作时间不到这样时间早起一会或者工作之后这样时间
    If you really, really can’t find the time in your work day, get up early, or do it right after work.
  • 现在实在不是时候
    Now is not that time.
  • 但是实在不到老师除了大家洗手以外什么非典关系
    But I really see the teacher teach everyone except wash their hands are and what "SARS" off.
  • 这种缺点实在什么
    Such small defects count indeed for nothing.