Meaning of 唢呐

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suǒ (Trad.: 嗩吶)
suona, Chinese shawm (oboe), used in festivals and processions or for military purposes; also written 锁呐 ; also called 喇叭
Example Sentences
In this article, the author puts forward his own point of view about the spirit of musicality as well as the aesthetic value-orientation of different genres of Suona music.
With Suona as its principle musical instrument, this Chinese Rap music shows its special music culture value and its social value is realized through the local people's custom widely.
The spirit of musicality is propitious to define the artistic aesthetics and value of different music style of Suona.
We hope that the pilot study of this thesis could make people concern more about the charm of Hebei Suona and accordingly improve more serious study on this subject.
To introduce this method to more Suo-na players, the author explains this method with physical principles, and provides practical ways to find this "position".